Business Process Automation to improve efficiency.

Integrate people and systems with your processes.

For almost two decades, Matricis has worked in the fields of management and optimization and Business Process Automation of business processes. Matricis enables its customers to realize substantial savings by combining data, information, people and business processes.

Our portfolio of business process automation solutions and application integration (EAI) based on SOA architecture provides agile tools that help organizations carry out the transformation of their business by connecting disparate systems and offering an environment rich in functionality and easy to deploy, facilitating change management and providing rapid return on investment.

Business Sectors

Business Process Automation - Financial Sector

Financial Sector

It’s well known that financial transactions are demanding in terms of immediacy. To support these requirements, no step in the business process should be overlooked.

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Business Process Automation - Health Sector

Health Sector

Human resources in this field should be more effective. Automating tasks translates into productivity gains.

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Business Process Automation - Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

To remain competitive, your organization must stay agile and constantly re-evaluate its business processes by inciting change at the appropriate time.

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Respond Quickly

A delay in a transaction may be a lost opportunity. The business processes that manage the operations must deliver, and activities peripheral to financial operations must keep pace.

Avoid Mistakes

Humans being human, participation in a business process can sometimes cause errors. Technology can help by automating actions as soon as a task is completed. Finding the right destination, targeting the right subsequent step or required treatment can be delegated to the process management system, freeing the human operator and avoiding errors.

Reduce delays

The arrival of a document, paper based form or other information provided by a customer normally triggers actions. Business Process Automation technology accelerates treatment and reduces waiting times. Financial organizations are judged on their responsiveness and their ability to deliver the best customer service.


Increase Added Value

The administrative functions of your organization clearly have much to win in the automation of repetitive actions, freeing up resources.


Clinical decisions should be based on ethical values, sometimes on economic factors, but above all based on facts. Quality and availability in real time therefore play a crucial role. Automating your business processes can help.


Revisions to your business processes will enable your organization to apply changes in protocols.



The ability to change business processes quickly and implement these changes is a key factor in staying in the race.


Transferring tasks to more powerful machines is a strategy industries use to maintain their position or grow in their area of expertise. They understand that administrative and support processes also benefit from being automated.


By connecting people and knowledge with machines and data, you make better decisions, maintain your operations, and keep your costs under control.