Center of Excellence in Operational Intelligence

Make Your Data Work for Your Business!

Go from a reactive mode to a proactive mode, both in your IT management and your business services

Operation of complex, decentralized computer systems generates a high volume of dissimilar data, which makes it arduous to interpret them for forming conclusions. Without knowing the origin of your IT incidents, how can you think about finding solutions for resolution? Without correlated data how are you going to evaluate the consequences for your organization of a system failure?

The Matricis Center of Excellence in Operational Intelligence (CEOI) now provides you exhaustive visibility into your IT events. By understanding what is happening throughout all your systems, you can make informed decisions having a real impact on the success of your organization.


Our CEOI brings together a team of experienced experts built of architects, administrators, developers, business analysts and UX specialists. Our best resources work in close collaboration with all the member clients of the Center of Excellence to make their data talk and draw value from it.

Join our Center of Excellence in Operational Intelligence to optimize your IT management


With our integration expertise, you can connect your systems together in order to gain a holistic view.


Quickly find the problem, discover its source, and return to normal faster than ever. Your IT teams will be more protective and can finally concentrate on value-added projects.


Plan maintenance windows in advance or even avoid incidents by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Benefits Well beyond the IT Department

Did you know that each small IT incident has consequences for your organization? Their scope varies with the size of the failure. Generally, we’re talking about consequences like:

  • // Missed sales opportunities;;
  • // Lost productivity;
  • // Dissatisfaction experienced by the clients;
  • // Lost data.

Because of the Matricis CEOI, you will finally break the silos between your systems for connecting your IT data with your business data.You will have access to unsuspected information for making decisions which will really make a difference in the global success of your organization.

Why join our Center of Excellence?

Tableaux de bord personnalisés


Views developed 100% for your needs, which provide a holistic view of what is going on in your systems. You cannot imagine the amount of data to which you do not have access to now and all the things that you will learn about your organizational operations.

Acces direct tam


An expert who will visit you regularly, share ideas with your team, analyze your needs and make suggestions and recommendations to you. Your expert will be an important ally to help you see clearly and make good choices.

Support 24/7


An operational support center at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experts help you resolve incidents in your systems without delay.

Développement agile


We’ve been successfully integration systems for 20 years. Our teams use the Agile methodology, which allows for more development flexibility and a variable work capacity which can be adapted to your needs on a punctual basis.

Niveau de competence inegale


A team of multidisciplinary experts with a log history of delivering value to clients, you will appreciate their dedication and professionalism, with the added advantage of having access to an abundance of expertise under one roof.

Acces direct tam


Working with our Center of Excellence avoids putting pressure on your resources. You benefit from a collaboration that puts the risk on our side, not yours. In building complex environments for our clients, we continually add to the pool of experience from which you gain value.

Ready to discover what’s hiding in your data?

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