Rapidly expand your capacity on demand with the Cloud.

Cloud Computing at your service, for you teams and systems.

In recent years, most major IT software vendors have focused their solutions on Cloud Computing. Today, IT services companies have several choices before them as to how to host and develop their applications. The use of cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure can help you increase the quality of services delivered to clients while allowing you to make significant savings on the operation of your solutions.

The transition to a hybrid approach with servers and services both on premises and in the cloud or a cloud-only approach is entirely possible. Matricis as a partner will help you build the foundations and establish a plan that will enable a smooth transition.

Matricis helps companies save money on IT operations by implementing hybrid cloud using cloud technologies. Whether to improve the availability of a service, increase the treatment capacity of an application, reduce the costs associated with on demand use or meet your needs in business continuity, Matricis will offer you the right solution.

Business Sectors

Cloud Computing - Financial Sector

Financial Sector

Transactions between your company and the various financial services around the world are at the heart of your organization.

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Cloud Computing - Health Sector

Health Sector

Systems that interact in a health facility can facilitate the work of medical staff.

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Cloud Computing - Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

The various operating assets of your plant are the source of your income and need to be functional.

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Respond to demand

Increase the scalability of your applications and your systems to respond to increases and decreases in transactional volume.


Rapidly set up disaster recovery using hybrid solutions with cloud technologies.


Increase availability

Increase the availability level for critical applications by migrating your applications to the cloud.



Reduce the footprint of physical hardware on site by migrating applications to the cloud.