Get the tools you need to react quickly to opportunities with IT automation.

IT Automation

Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Our experience over the years has shown us that organizations in different sectors seem to have problems with the lifecycle management of their environments. The Matricis team decided to include an IT automation component to complete its service offering.

This service offering allows you to improve and standardize your IT related processes. In addition to reducing the time spent executing a process, by adding an IT automation layer you get improved process efficiency.

Automated processes are not necessarily human processes; they can be between several disparate systems. Matricis’ strong systems integration experience will make it easy to automate certain scenarios between applications to help you standardize your operations and reduce effort.

Business Sectors

IT Automation - Financial Sector

Financial Sector

Transactions between your company and the various financial services around the world are at the heart of your organization.

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IT Automation - Health Sector

Health Sector

Systems that interact in a health facility can facilitate the work of medical staff.

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IT Automation - Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

The various operating assets of your plant are the source of your income and need to be functional.

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Improve availability

Automation reduces troubleshooting time to improve system availability to help you increase the value of portfolios.


Lower Costs

Take control of your processes and automate recurring procedures to reduce IT costs and increase the quality of operations delivery.


Make information available

Automate exception handling in order to transmit test results to medical staff quickly.