//m4 - predictive maintenance solution

Predictive Maintenance Solution

Our predictive maintenance platform, //m4 is a powerful tool that allows you to significantly improve your maintenance processes while saving big.

Improve profitability and life cycle of your assets.

//m4 allows you to capture data from your equipment and assets, then analyze them, view them with our analytical suite, and integrate them into your business system and CMMS. Its process automation module also allows you to manage and monitor processes and tasks in real time.

//m4 - predictive maintenance solution

The benefits of predictive maintenance

By analyzing your data, the integrated forecasting models are able to predict production failures, thus avoiding downtime and costly breakdowns. These models help to keep production running, increasing your productivity.

Reduce maintenance costs

25-30% reduction in maintenance costs

Eliminate outages

70-75% less downtime

Decrease downtime

35-45% fewer stoppages

Increase production

20-25% increase in production

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