Matricis is awarded a major intergration contract in partnership with PENTAX MEDICAL in Canada

An agreement that confirms Matricis as the leader
in data integration

Montreal, November 13TH, 2018

PENTAX Canada, Inc. (PENTAX Medical) has been awarded a contract by the RSSS (Réseau de la Santé et des Services sociaux) to deploy a clinical software solution for gastrointestinal endoscopy across Quebec. The endoPRO iQ software from Pentax Medical satisfies the mandate for a clinical solution that is proven and supported by a supplier with experience in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy.

With a view to supporting the Programme québécois de dépistage du cancer colorectal (Quebec Colorectal Screening Program), the bidder was tasked with demonstrating their skill in developing interfaces for systems used in the healthcare field. The goal of the solution is to ensure access to tests, imaging, and specialized services in gastrointestinal endoscopy based on the urgency of the clinical reality.

PENTAX Medical chose Matricis because of the company’s reputation in medical data integration and the expertise it has built in over twelve (12) years in the healthcare field.

Matricis has delivered several large-scale province-wide projects that are comparable to this new project. In 2007, Matricis was contracted by the Lanaudière Integrated Center for Health and Social Services to optimize and guarantee the transmission of laboratory test results to doctors across the region. For this purpose, Matricis developed SIDER, an integrated medical results distribution system.

The SIDER solution is now deployed in many regions, serves over 65% of the Quebec population and has been integrated with several interfaces (laboratory, pathology, imaging, electronic medical record, and Quebec Health Record).

As part of this new mandate, Matricis will hold the responsibility of collaborating with the operationalisations center of the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS) for defining and implementing the technological architecture and software, as well as managing the distribution, storage, and consultation of medical examination reports carried out in gastrointestinal endoscopy departments across the province of Quebec.

Matricis is proud to contribute to the improvement of clinical practices in the healthcare field and also to cancer research. Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death with 90% of its fatalities avoidable if detected in its early stages. The implementation of IT systems in all gastrointestinal endoscopy clinics in Quebec paves the way for an efficient prevention method especially when it comes to making quality support services for clinical processes and activities accessible and creating indicators that support the Programme québécois de dépistage du cancer colorectal (Quebec Colorectal Screening Program).

The CIUSSS de l’Est-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (Eastern Montreal integrated university health and social services centre) will be responsible for the gradual deployment of the clinical endoscopy solution in every location that offers gastrointestinal endoscopy services. When completed, the solution will be deployed in twenty-nine (29) locations networked to ninety-three (93) sites with a total of one hundred and ninety-seven (197) rooms.

About PENTAX Medical (Canada)

PENTAX Medical is a division of Hoya Group. Its mission is to improve the standard of patient care and enhance patients’ and providers’ experience by providing the best endoscopic products and services with a focus on QUALITY, CLINICALLY RELEVANT INNOVATION, and SIMPLICITY. Through leading-edge R&D and manufacturing, PENTAX Medical provides endoscopy solutions to the global medical community. Headquartered in Japan, PENTAX Medical has a worldwide focus and presence with R&D, regional sales, service, and in-country facilities around the globe. PENTAX Medical employees represent the diverse countries where they do business, allowing us to provide innovative solutions tailored to meet local needs. For more information, visit

About Matricis

For the past twenty (20) years, Matricis has helped expanding companies to tackle their technological challenges. Matricis specializes in applications and data integration, service-oriented architecture and the management of business processes. In 2013, Matricis began to concentrate on digital transformation in order to offer innovative Industry 4.0 solutions that include the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. For more information about the company, please visit

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SOURCE Matricis
Michel Simard, Executive Vice President