REJEAN OUELLET – Principal Architect Solution and IoT/AI Practice Leader, Matricis

Acting as Director of the Matricis Integration Group, Mr. Réjean Ouellet holds a master’s degree in engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and 30 years of experience in Industrial Informatics and Information Technology. Having acted as an expert in modeling and optimization of industrial processes, and also as an IT architect for several years, Mr. Ouellet has developed a great expertise in modeling, optimization, application integration technologies, and related technologies such as real-time data collection tools, also known as Historian, and BPM tools.
Mr. Ouellet is an excellent communicator and regularly participates in conferences related to IIoT and Industry 4.0. Certified on integration and IoT platforms, he regularly gives training and provides knowledge transfer to customers.

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Matricis are pushing of their existing customers to adopt the ThingWorx Innovation platform to allow them to wrap and extend their existing IT and OT systems instead of replacing them. This is why we are building with a bidirectional connectivity between ThingWorx and PI System.