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What is BIZTALK360?

Present in 26 countries, BIZTALK360 is a powerful tool that allows you to maintain, analyze and monitor your environments. This tool will help you reduce risk and increase the efficiency of your team. Free trial


BizTalk360 is built from the ground up keeping in mind all the challenges that arise in monitoring a middleware platform like BizTalk server. The traditional monitoring solutions provides some basic plugins/management packs covering the basics of BizTalk, whereas BizTalk360 covers the depth and breadth of monitoring your BizTalk environments including external factors like SQL servers, SQL instances, Web endpoints, Database queries etc. Learn more
BIZTALK360 - Écran de surveillance
BIZTALK360 - Écran d'analyse


The standard admin console lacks lots of core capabilities for your day to day BizTalk server operations such as no web access, no dashboards, weak security, no auditing, no graphical tools, and so on. BizTalk360 is packed with tons of features, all designed from the ground up, to make your day-to-day BizTalk administration & operations seamless. Learn more


Don’t treat your BizTalk environment as a big black box, not knowing what’s happening inside. The analytics capabilities of BizTalk360 is designed exactly to address this challenge. You can visualize lot of interesting facts about your BizTalk environment like number of messages processed, failure rate at message type level, BizTalk server CPU/Memory performances, BizTalk process (host instances, SSO, rules engine, EDI etc) CPU/memory utilization and lots more. Learn more
BIZTALK360 - Écran d'analyse

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