Advanced analytics

In an increasingly connected world, we now have numerous sources of data at our fingertips, allowing us to make better decisions. Data can now be obtained from anywhere and in all possible formats, affecting all sectors of the economy. Thanks to the advanced analytics.

New cloud-based technologies can now be used to quickly develop and deploy low-cost solutions for retrieving real-time data from devices, sensors, structures, applications, technological infrastructures, public online databases, and social media networks.

The use of a service such as the Azure IoT (Internet of Things) Suite, used to monitor and remotely manage apps in real time or to retrieve data from various sources, gives you access to substantial processing power, availability, and preconfigured tools.

These tools, such as HD Insight, can process large volumes of data from multiple environments.

  • Perform real-time analyses of your IoT or business solutions.
  • Stream millions of events per second to supply your decision-makers and partners.
  • Enjoy predictable reliability and strategic performance.
  • Create dashboards and real-time alerts from devices and apps.
  • Correlate multiple data streams and discover new sources of information.
  • Use a familiar SQL language for quick development.

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