Take control of your organization with Business Intelligence (BI).

BI (Business Intelligence)

Have a clear vision of your decisions and operations.

The implementation of data warehouses and access to publicly available information on the Internet (Big Data) provides a plethora of information, making it possible to cross connect data, enabling more informed decisions. Business Intelligence tools and technologies available today allow access to a wealth of new information that gives you a new perspective of your business.

Whether creating reports, dashboards, performance indicators, or sensing current and predictive trends, our solutions can discover, cleanse, organize and present information to suit production contexts and enable organizational efficiency.

From technologies and products available on the market, Matricis has developed expertise with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform including PowerBI, as well as components of the SQL Server suite such as Reporting Services (SSRS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Integration Services (SSIS).

Business Sectors

Business Intelligence - Financial Sector

Financial Sector

Financial services adopt business intelligence in order to increase the accuracy of their forecasts and to develop business strategies.

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Business Intelligence - Health Sector

Health Sector

Increases in demand with limited resources is forcing organizations to find new ways to improve efficiency while attempting to cut costs.

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Business Intelligence - Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

Technology empowers the industrial and manufacturing sectors, allowing them to sift through the data in their value chain and make sense of it.

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The Big Picture

Many financial professionals are still struggling to gather data from multiple sources in order to make analyses. Modern business intelligence solutions give them full visibility into the business dynamics affecting financial results and company performance.

The Heart of Your Strategy

Business intelligence technologies enable CFOs to play a crucial role in defining organizational strategies, simplifying the analysis of results and remove the guesswork from the decision making process.

The Nexus of Performance

The management of organizational performance with the help of business intelligence simplifies planning, budget preparation, and forecasting by providing reports and dashboards based on your organization’s data.



The true value of business intelligence does not come from the collection and accumulation of organizational data alone. Rather, it comes from the ability of organizations to make informed decisions knowing that the world around them is constantly changing.


Through the business intelligence process, the preparation of the organization's data (definition, access and measurement) are the first steps towards a thorough understanding of the value chain. Data gets centralized to allow their uniform consumption throughout the organization. This exercise also helps to highlight non-compliant data and ensure compliance before use in reports or downstream analysis.

Maximize Your Potential

Business intelligence transforms factory data into information on which the organization can act. Manufacturing intelligence approaches (MI) or operational performance management (OPM) helps organizations that adopt them to act directly on the production process and in field operations.



L’arrivée des dossiers médicaux électroniques ouvrent la voie à une multitude de données qui permettent de mieux comprendre les situations en établissement, de trouver des pistes de solution et de suivre dans le détail les actions prises afin de corriger les problèmes. Les outils d’intelligence d’affaires modernes permettent aux organisations de tirer de leurs systèmes une information plus rapidement, efficacement et économiquement que jamais auparavant.

Make Intelligent Decisions

Business intelligence enables organizations to detect problems by discovering trends and act quickly. Adequately equipped, modern organizations know what is happening, why it happens, what to do, and the impact of actions taken.

Easily distribute information

Modern business intelligence platforms allow for the secure distribution the right information to the right person, allowing them to do their job better. All available platforms, from the computer to mobile devices, present the same version of the truth.