Gain actionable insight from the collection and analysis of your data with an Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Take advantage of collected data.

The convergence of equipment, data, and processes with people and operations opens new opportunities in an intelligent enterprise, underpinned by the Internet of Things. Now is the time to move beyond simply managing your business; it’s time to make it prosper.

Matricis breaks the isolation of your assets and integrates them with systems and infrastructure to make them part of your business decisions. This adds value to your organisation by having better control of your assets and maximize benefits.

In order to become an intelligent company, control the data already present in your company by connecting your “things”: people, processes and equipment you already have. The Internet of Things allows you to expand digital transformation scenarios by leveraging existing investments. You gain efficiency and generate new revenue sources while promoting innovation, reducing your operating costs and taking control of your assets. Whether you want to give more resources to your staff and your customers, or integrate equipment, processes and data, the intelligent enterprise supported by cloud services is a fully connected, agile business.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Examples

Internet of Things - Infrastructures


Check the operation and maintenance of your equipment.

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Internet of Things - Agriculture


Capturing weather data and soil moisture.

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Internet of Things - Gestion des eaux


Analyze the quality of the water supply, sewage discharge and water treatment equipment.

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Internet of Things - Transport


Identify conditions that could affect the quality of transported goods or items.

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IoT Internet of Things - Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Whether to maintain the quality of the environment, to validate climate conditions, reduce the costs of electricity, heating or maintenance, IoT solutions by Matricis provide you with the information required to control operations and maintenance of your equipment such as elevators, ventilation, heating or air conditioning systems, or any other type of information that you consider necessary to improve your operations.

IoT Internet of Things - Agriculture


By installing information sensors directly in greenhouses and in the fields, farmers are now able to capture climatic data and soil moisture levels, locally or remotely. It is thus possible to analyze that data and plan activities to adjust conditions to increase production and reduce losses.

After one year of use, an operator in Quebec has made the following improvements:

  • Reduced losses by 17%
  • Reduced water consumption by 19% and electricity by 12%
  • Reduced labor costs by 10%
  • Improved product quality due to better soil
IoT Internet of Things - Water Management

Water management

Water is a vital natural resource essential for life on Earth. Quality water supply is vital to every community and contributes to the health and well-being of all residents. The implementation of sensors to capture, analyze and provide information in real time to the organizations responsible for operations to deliver quality water at all times is essential, as it allows them to react before a disaster occurs.

To be able to predict failures and act before they occur is even better and ensures the protection of all citizens.

By analyzing the quality of the water supply, sewage discharge and water treatment equipment, the organizations responsible for water supply help maintain the quality of life of the population.

IoT Internet of Things - Transportation


To ensure quality and compliance with product storage conditions for items being transported can be critical in certain cases.

By placing information sensors on the boxes of these products or on portable refrigerators for example, you can detect temperature changes in real time and identify conditions that could affect the quality of transported goods or other items.

The driver will be able to receive real-time notification to detect any variance from proper conditions and can take corrective measures, avoiding heavy losses or alarming situations as in the case of transport of blood samples, drugs or certain dangerous substances.