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Application management with Splunk®

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A global view of your company and industry

Developing, testing, deploying and maintaining widely distributed and interconnected applications can be a very complex process. Splunk® Application management solution can manage your apps for you. You can then quickly detect and correct application bugs, reduce downtime, be proactive, achieve overall operational visibility and improve your performance indicators.

  • Splunk® Enterprise helps you achieve a faster service time and reduces the mean time to repair (MTTR) thanks to proactive alerts and fast troubleshooting.
  • Ensures your SLAs remain competitive by monitoring applications at all levels.
  • Gives you access to new information on client usage and business transactions.
  • Better integration with DevOps and supports ongoing deployment projects.
  • Produces performance data for use by mobile and desktop application developers.

Why does Matricis use Splunk to manage their applications?

Maximize the availability of critical services

Reduce downtime, missed business opportunities and lost revenue. Quickly pinpoint errors, find and fix problems faster.

Monitoring of transactions and usage patterns

Improve application response time so you end up with seamless application performance and provide a better client experience.

Visibility across your entire IT system

Collect, index, and correlate infrastructure data and application data so you can identify issues. Generate an overall picture of your company, correlate it with your business data and get a better understanding of your business reality.

Analytical Intelligence

Accelerate the deployment of new versions of your applications and improve their quality by giving developers access to production data.

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