Big Data

Big Data

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Machine data is one of the most powerful and complex segments of the data analysis market. Machine data is a valuable source of information because it contains a definitive record of transactions, client behaviour, sensory data readings, machine behaviour, security threats, fraudulent activities and so much more. Splunk® big data solutions can help you discover the true value of machine data.

Below are the Big Data solutions that Splunk® offers:

Why use Splunk® to analyze big data?

Splunk® gathers and indexes all machine data in real time. You can then explore, browse, analyze and visualize all this data in one centralized location.

User-friendly and easy to deploy

Access your data in a few seconds and quickly generate content-rich dashboards.

Real time alerts

Keep an eye on your data so you can spot trends, identify activities and recurring behaviour.

Endless scaleability

Scale up from one to several data centres.

Stringent security

Accesses for each job role, audit capacity and data integrity.

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