Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Make your data work for you

Information that goes beyond structured data

Business Analytics is constantly evolving. Data architects, analysts, marketing experts and product managers are tapping new data sources like machine data and online data. They then combine the data and generate relevant business information in real time.

Splunk® gives you access to new types of business information:

  • Leverage a new data category for your business analysis;
  • Enhance machine data with the context provided by structured data;
  • Access real-time business information;
  • Optimize your existing business intelligence tools and other big data technologies.

Why choose Splunk® for business analysis?

Splunk® complements existing BI technologies and traditional web analytics tools by combining machine data and structured data to produce real-time information about your business activities.

Digital marketing analysis

Access useful information for marketing campaigns, for engaging clients and for your online and mobile communications plan.

Product analysis

Find out more (in real time) about functionality, usage patterns and the effectiveness of changes to your websites and mobile applications.

Client experience analysis

Digital, client and web analytics teams can now use client behaviour to improve customer experience and increase profitability.

Business processes analysis

Enjoy optimal, real-time insight into business processes that includes the introduction of new services, claims processing and settlements.

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