Industrial data and the Internet of Things

Splunk® for industrial data and the Internet of Things

Data capture at its best

Instant access to data

Splunk® offers a scalable and versatile platform for the analysis of machine data generated by devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end users. Use Splunk® for compliance, optimizing operations and industrial maintenance, enhancing security and analyzing equipment.

Why did Matricis choose Splunk® for industrial data and the Internet of Things?

Get real-time information from machine data generated by physical devices and control systems.

Operations and troubleshooting

Functionality checks

Ensure that devices used in the field are functioning properly by monitoring them in real time and then analyzing the captured data.

Root cause analysis

Improve the efficiency of your devices by capturing data, analyzing it and understanding what causes failures.

Capacity planning

Examine, analyze and anticipate both device and system failures. The result is the capacity to ensure optimal functioning.

Detect anomalies and marginal values

Identify device anomalies and issues during production or deployment. Compare this data to standardized values and make real-time adjustments.

Security and compliance


Protect your strategic assets and industrial systems from cyber security threats and hacking by identifying risks and making appropriate corrections.

Access system performance information and monitor thresholds that could put devices or people at risk.

Advanced business analytics

Customer intelligence

Monitor client interactions with Smart Connected Products and gain a better understanding of their commitment levels and behaviours when faced with different scenarios.

Device intelligence

Adopt a proactive and intelligent approach to your business operations by obtaining real-time data on the availability, usage and consumption of devices by monitoring them in different situations.

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