IT Operations management

Transform your data silos into operational data

Splunk® helps you support strategic decisions, reduce costs and complexity, and optimize operational efficiency by transforming your machine data silos into usable data.

  • Solve problems faster, reduce idle time, improve client experience and build customer loyalty.
  • Increase your service visibility by linking events across every layer of your infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs and optimize your operational efficiency
  • Make better business decisions thanks to analysis and IT operational information.

Why does Matricis use Splunk® to manage their IT Operations?

Servers and networks

Operational information about each element of your servers and network infrastructure.

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IT Operations analysis

Get more information about different technology layers so you can make better business decisions.

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Microsoft Infrastructures

Ensure your Microsoft IT environments are secure so you can monitor, audit and analyze data.

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Data storage monitoring

Get complete operational visibility across your NetApp Data ONTAP data storage environments.

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Wire Data Analytics

Access real time data transfer streams for enhanced Operational Intelligence.

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Operating Systems monitoring

Find out more about monitoring Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.

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Virtualization monitoring

360° visibility into the performance of complex and heterogeneous virtual environments.

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